Roger Leisner - The Maine Paparazzi

Roger Leisner
The Maine Paparazzi
Radio Free Maine - Founder/Owner since 1988
Radio Free Maine recordings can be found at

P.O. Box 2705
Augusta, Maine 04338

207-242-0643 Cell Phone


Occupation: Historian - Journalist - Videographer - Photographer - Jester

1970 BA in History at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale
Minored in African Studies and Photography
Graduate work in Community Development
Created the Community Action Weatherization Program in 1975 in Augusta
Get Out The Vote Coordinator for the Maine Nuclear Referendum Committee in 1980
Traveled to London, Cuba and Israel-Palestine in the 1980s representing the Maine United Methodist Church
Founded Radio Free Maine on March 31, 1988
Photographer of Radio Free Maine speakers and Maine social and political actions/events for over two decades
Creator of the Noam Chomsky Coloring Book
One of the first four Maine Green Cross Patient's Choice Award winners in 2011
Delegate to Maine Democratic Party Conventions since 1976
Member of the Men's Auxiliary of the Augusta Women in Black since 2002
Member of the Rachel Craig - Tom Sturtevant Peace Brigade
Maine Medical Marijuana Patient since 2011
Member of the Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine
Recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award from Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine in 2014
Member of the MOFGA Common Ground Country Fair Steering Committee and Coordinator of the Social and Political Action area
Co-founder and owner of Button ME
Member of the National Writers Union

The Maine Paparazzi documents Maine places and political events with still photography. Numerous galleries can be viewed at SMUGMUG.COM
Radio Free Maine recorded alternative speakers, such as Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Helen Caldicott, Cornel West and others, for over 25 years. Recordings can be found at AUDIBLE.COM or ordered from Roger Leisner.
BUTTON ME produces 2" metal political buttons for personal purchase or large orders.